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Winter Projects

by dyoshida on December 13, 2010

Well. I’d say winter is definitely here…booo. So now I have to decide what my next project is going to be. Anyone who has ever seen my bike shed will know I have more ‘projects’ sitting around than I can (…)

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Found this at work

by admin on July 11, 2010

A gift from nancy a couple of years when she was in Europe. D

Lambretta parts stored for the winter.

by admin on February 16, 2010

There is still some snow outside, but I figured I’d check out the garage. The only reason I have gone there lately is to get the shovel or snow blower! I just took a photo of the space above the (…)

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Scooter Work Bench 2009

by admin on August 23, 2009

For a work bench this year I used a portable folding table.  It was 3 x 5 foot, not ideal to work on scooter stuff. It was deeper than necessary which takes up valuable space in the garage.  And lower, (…)

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B7ES – Spark Plug for Lambretta

by admin on August 19, 2009

Here is a NGK chart.  We basically use B7ES, but I thought this chart was interesting.  It shows a break down of their spark plug naming.  What B7ES actually means. David.

Carbing – Flat slide 28mm Mikuni

by dyoshida on June 21, 2009

I decided to get a new 28 mikuni flat slide, I gave up on the OKO.  The Mikuni was very easy to put on. I down jetted to 160 main from the standard 180, kep the standard pilot jet after testing (…)

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by dyoshida on May 12, 2009

Wouldn’t you know it… So we put building my Series 3 off of this project as trying to get all 3 bikes bikes done for Niagara was threatening to derail getting any bikes done for Niagara so I pulled mine, leaving Dave (…)

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Last Weekend done.

by dyoshida on May 11, 2009

2 scoots are going to be completed before this weekend. We tried for 3 but its just too much to do with the limited time we have available. I have this week off so I will be putting in as (…)

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Rebuild 2009 – Parts Order of odds and ends.

by dyoshida on May 4, 2009

Chris and I prepared an order for the stuff we know is missing.  I did the best I could to include the stuff I know that is missing.  We are going fedex as time is short.  If I miss anything i’ll be (…)

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DIY Lambreta paint room.

by dyoshida on April 15, 2009

Last night Niall and Chris came by and we finished setting up the paint room.  Amazing what two rolls of $10 plastic, cardboard and half a garage can be converted into. Chris had borrowed an air compressor and spray gun from his bro (Vespa dad)  and brought (…)

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