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Video clip from last years Torontoish Rally 2009

by admin on April 9, 2010

This clip was from the ride out at the Torontoish Rally.  22 seconds in, just realized that I am running a wee bit rich, gotta get that smoke cloud fixed up for this season. Lambretta Fan.

Scooter EGT – Anti sieze device

by admin on September 19, 2009

On the way to the Port Burwell Rally 2009 this year.  I had a seize on my Lambretta just 50 km from the site.  That really sucked.  I knew my bike was running hot, but not that hot.  I installed an EGT (Exhaust (…)

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Scooter Work Bench 2009

by admin on August 23, 2009

For a work bench this year I used a portable folding table.  It was 3 x 5 foot, not ideal to work on scooter stuff. It was deeper than necessary which takes up valuable space in the garage.  And lower, (…)

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Toronto(ish) Rally 2009

by admin on August 13, 2009

Great old school rally (Bangers N’ Mash Present Beans on Toast).  Thanks Karm, Bill, and company for the Baked Beans on Toast. BSG.

Making it to the Toronto(ish) rally?

by admin on August 6, 2009

Here is some info below for the Toronto (ish) rally 2009 David. p.s. Yes I am still working on my lambretta after the sieze from Port Burwell. As this is a close rally, I am hoping to arrive on two (…)

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Pics from Portburwell Rally 2009

by dyoshida on July 25, 2009

Some rally pics. Enjoy. David.

Back from the Dogs Bollocks Scooter Rally – Port Burwell

by admin on July 20, 2009

We got 50 km short of making it to the rally, my Lambretta broke down near Simco just east of Tillsonburg.  Experienced a heat sieze on the highway. We met a couple of scooterist that helped me trailer it back (Thanks (…)

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Heading to Port Burwell. Dogs Bollocks Run & Race

by dyoshida on July 15, 2009

Getting Ready for our next Rally weekend. Beers, Fire, Friends, scoots and this time Racing 1/4 mile track… Time to put your money where your mouth is.. VROOMMM Boom! Dammit … gotta push home now!! Here’s a Link to follow (…)

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On the road. Ready to ride!

by dyoshida on July 8, 2009

The Li150 is now ready to go on the road.  The first long test will be taking it out to the Darlington Scooter Rally this weekend.  The ride is about 1 hour east of Toronto.  I’ll be heading there with (…)

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Lights – Rear brake light working now.

by dyoshida on June 24, 2009

Oops had the wires reversed.  hehe..  Now that’s why the running light worked so well. D.