by dyoshida on May 12, 2009

Wouldn’t you know it…

So we put building my Series 3 off of this project as trying to get all 3 bikes bikes done for Niagara was threatening to derail getting any bikes done for Niagara so I pulled mine, leaving Dave and Nialls bike. Much more ‘do-able’.

So I spent Sunday in my own shed with my contingency plan…my much loved Series 2.

I cleaned the piston up, replaced the barrel and head, cleaned the carb, new plug etc. Wiped the bike down and retired for the first fairly early night in weeks.

Monday after work I decided a good test would be to ride up to Dave’s and help out some more.

The bike ran fine (a bit boggy but I could adjust that when I got to Dave’s)…turns out that ‘bit boggy feeling was actually my big end bearing attempting to escape my engine via the exaust port! The bike locked solid about 50 meters from Dave’s house,  Nice.

So here we are 3 days from the rally and me with a completely screwed Gp crank. Lets see how this turns out shall we…

More later. 


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