Naomi - Born Dec. 26th, 2008
Naomi – Born Dec. 26th, 2008
May 20, 2012
Back in the saddle.  First major ride of the year will be PVSC.  I’ll make another video and post when ready.
Lambretta Fan.
June 16, 2010.
Some posts of our 2010 Rally season. Year 2 of the Lambretta Series III back on the road. I actually made it to Niagara 2010 this year on two wheels. I’ll keep you posted…
Lambretta Fan.
Previous post below from 2009 season:
I was/am a scooterist? This blog is an attempt to follow the build of my Lambretta ( I had an eibar rat) Li 150 before. It is now March 16th, 2009. We will see if a blog will encourage me to get off my ass. I have a new daughter which probably makes it tougher to find time… am I making excuses already??? Currently my scoot is all over the place mixed with friends parts. I planned to rebuild from the ground up seven years ago… It was probably a bad call to take apart a full running scooter in the first place!!!!!! I am in a hunt for parts now.




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