Sanding Before and After – Rebuild 2009

by dyoshida on April 12, 2009

So I had some time over this easter holiday weekend to get some extra bike work done…sanding what fun!

I started in on some of the smaller parts. I managed to finish 1 headset bottom, bridge piece, headset shift arm (polished too!).
Then I decided I had better tackle something a little larger…hmmm, what to do, what to do…panels still need some welding so nope.
Legshields, also need some welding (suffering from the typical splitting at the top where the horncast attaches) so they are out as well.
Hubs………I’m not that motivated today (anyone who enjoys cleaning hubs is a masochist for sure).
Ok gas tank. Bingo.
So I look into my inventory. Two tanks to choose from.

1. The tank from my old green and copper Series three (the one I spent so much time on and then got hit by a car on, doh) or 2. The ‘I’m not sure what it came off of’ item you see in the pics (yes the orange bit)

I would have used the copper one but after all these years the copper plate is peeling  and the thought of trying to strip plating at this time is a bit daunting.

So the orange bit it is. Needless to say I’m a bit skeptical as to how well it’s going to turn out.
I don’t waste any time fiddling about, and attack the lump with the wire wheel.
A fair amount of rust comes off but I’m a bit disappointed. The surface is still lumpy with rust and I’m thinking about how much time it would take if I have to fill all that pitting with spot putty (shudder).
Anyway before I gave up I decided to give it a hit with the sander. I’m in luck! Despite my fears the rest of the crap comes off with a bit of extra elbow grease. (see second pics) Smooth as a baby’s bottom. Nice. Got it primed up (see last pic). Now on to the next piece…Legshields ( I know I said they need welding but I’m running out of bits to prep)

I don’t remember what kind of paint I used last time, but what a pain in the ass to remove! The paint keeps going soft under sanding and just gums up the paper, damn.
Back to the wire wheel. Fantastic, this stuff is so gummie it takes me the better part of two hours to clean 1/4 of one side of the legshields. No way is this acceptable.
Looks like I may have to try some sort of chemical remover (I hate that crap). anyway more later.

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The chemical remover is working very well.

Saves a lot of time.

by nsmyth on April 24, 2009 at 11:17 am. #

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