DIY Lambreta paint room.

by dyoshida on April 15, 2009

Last night Niall and Chris came by and we finished setting up the paint room.  Amazing what two rolls of $10 plastic, cardboard and half a garage can be converted into.

Chris had borrowed an air compressor and spray gun from his bro (Vespa dad)  and brought it over for our painting experiment.  Thanks Neal and Jen!  We did some spraying using Tremclad primer thinned out with mineral spirits.  We tried it on some test pieces and were pleased with the results.  We are going to attempt Tremlad painting based on what we saw off the web.  If it can be done with a car (Mustang), then Tremclad on a scooter is worth a shot.  From the pics you can see the plastic sheets that we stapled to the garage door frame.  Total time 45 min.  Chris sprayed the first test piece using a paper mask, right afterwards he used a proper respirator mask (in case you were wondering).  Most of the time afterwards was spent sanding and priming parts.

At the end of the night we had a few suds and went over some ideas on how we could make it to the 2009 Niagara Rally this year on two wheels.   Time is not on our side.

See video – Paint Test – Rebuild 2009


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