Couldn’t sleep cause of bikes

by dyoshida on April 15, 2009

Another productive night. (Or…its all coming back to me now)

So Niall, Dave and I got together Tuesday night (foregoing our usual night of escaping the wives) and hit the 3 lambrettas hard.  There are now less than 30 days until the Niagara Rally and although optimistic, we are all starting to feel a little pressure about getting all 3 bikes ready on time.

Dave and Niall did an excellent job of getting Dave’s garage converted into a makeshift paint room, complete with a propane heater to get the parts nice and warm (great move Niall!). What I may not have mentioned is that my brother Neal has been kind enough to lend us his compressor and airguns…sweet (Thanks bro).

We now have a good chance of making this whole fiasco happen. woot!   Our production line technique seemed to work fairly well…

First we heated the paint area and several hanging parts for a few minutes using the propane heater (then after removing said heater so as not to blow ourselves to smithereens) I would step in and begin spraying thinned Tremclad primer…Yes you heard right Tremclad (Rustoleum for our American friends). If it hasn’t  been mention in this blog earlier our group is experimenting with the “$50 Paintjob” check the link – will add this later.

We are doing our own version of course, since half the idea of the $50 paint job is to use rollers instead of spray, but we have access to a spray gun and compressor so why wouldn’t we use it? The tremclad is super thinned anyway and goes through the gun nicely.

Almost ready for colour! All we have to do is convince Dave not to do another all black bike…oops I just realized the bike I’m currently stripping down was all black. Oh well that was a theme bike (my old super nerdy X-Files bike from back in the mid 90s).

We managed to get quite a few bits primed and lots others ready, so all in all a good night.  t’s beginning to feel like the days when we were fresh to scootering…

The Niagara itch is really starting to burn!


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