Forks and Dampers

by dyoshida on April 23, 2009

forks and dampers.  Test Fit

Just a quick picture of my forks. This Year I want to make sure that there is NO lambretta dive.
Went out and purchased the fork compression tool. No more jamming 2 screw drivers in the forks and covering your eyes. Also got the Drum style front links with damper attachments from Beedspeed.

Now we have to prime and paint them. I’m researching how to paint over chrome.


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Ahhh! my poor chrome forks!! you butcher!!!!
Remember kids…chrome won’t get you home.
I still think Niall got the better deal on the fork/r-suspension swap…but maybe not…I’ll do a post on that soon.

by Chris on April 23, 2009 at 10:15 am. #

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