Crunch weekend – May 2nd and 3rd

by dyoshida on May 4, 2009

What a weekend. We are down to crunch time. Spent an unexpected two days grinding it out. The back yard looked like it had rained lambretta parts.
Hon came by to pitch in on Saturday. What a work horse! Paint stripped parts and took pics as well to help out.
We were still sanding parts, but were able to get some colour on my bike by the end of the weekend. The guys convined me that brown was better than black. Once the paint went on I had to agree. Niall’s parts are almost all painted, so he started on the assembly of his scooter. I have most of my stuff queued up for the spray room. Chris has 50% of his parts primed.

Check out these photos Hon took during the weekend!

I think we are still on plan A, but time is running out very fast!  Perhaps we should stop drinking while working… nah… that’s still part of plan A, B, and C!


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