Back from the Dogs Bollocks Scooter Rally – Port Burwell

by admin on July 20, 2009

We got 50 km short of making it to the rally, my Lambretta broke down near Simco just east of Tillsonburg.  Experienced a heat sieze on the highway.

We met a couple of scooterist that helped me trailer it back (Thanks Rob/Rachel!).  After taking apart the lambretta on the Saturday, we found :

  • both piston rings fuzed into the metal (no compression)
  • 1 air intake manifold nut missing (running lean)
  • 1 exhaust  nut missing (nuts)
  • 1 flyweel rivit found inside the dust cover that came off somehow (?)
  • Chipped stater pick-up, from the dancing rivit (crap)
  • missing TS1 kit (just kidding)

In short we spent time trying to get it going, but it would not be safe.  So believe it or not there was a uhaul in Tillsonburg that we were able to bring the scoot back.  Regardless… had a great time at the rally… I’ll post some  more pics/videos when I get a chance.  Right now we have an engine rebuild to take care of.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in my time of need! 

Enjoy the videos.



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Shoot me an e-mail, cause this is the only way I know to contact you. Here is the web site and page for the EGT gages:

Have lots of fun going through the catalog, from carbon fiber etc, lots of stuff that you could use on your scooter. Let me know when you work on your scooter and I’ll bring over Stickys book, The new Lambretta workshop manual!!

Hope to see you on the road for Toronto,

by Alby on July 21, 2009 at 12:42 pm. #

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