Vespa Exhaust Free!

by dyoshida on August 27, 2009

Got a good laugh from this email from Chris so I though I would post it!

From: Chris
To: Dave;Niall

So I’m 3/4 of the way to work this morning and the down pipe on the P2 breaks off!!! I don’t mean comes loose. I mean off…the vacuum cleaner bit is still attached to the bike just no manifold tube whatsoever!!

In between all the down town buildings the reverb from a P2 with no exhaust is totally deafening, I couldn’t stop laughing as I rode the last bit…every pedestrian I passed stopped in their tracks to see what the racket was, some even covered their ears when I was stuck at a light! Some guy was trying to talk on his cell and started yelling at me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying all he got was a big goofy grin as I drove off!


End Email


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