Winter Projects

by dyoshida on December 13, 2010

Well. I’d say winter is definitely here…booo.
So now I have to decide what my next project is going to be.

Anyone who has ever seen my bike shed will know I have more ‘projects’ sitting around than I can handle.

Currently there are four I would like to get finished.

1) 1962 VBB
2) 1962 Super Sprint 180
3) Lamby S3 (Spanish)
4) 1983 P200 E

I have 95% all parts for all projects.

The S3 would be the most ambitious as I have had a custom concept ready for several years now, which also makes it the most work but probably would be the most satisfaction for me as I would be doing a full custom airbrush paint job myself.

The VBB would probably be the easiest as I had almost completed it several years ago, but raccoons broke into my shed and proceeded to ruin it by crapping all over the new un-clear coated paint and knocking several heavy object off my shelves and denting it in several places (including cracking a brand new speedo glass. (Doh).

The super sprint is a new addition to my herd (thanks NiNi) and is in fairly good condition but the engine is slightly buggered and I’m fully aware how rare parts are getting for a carb-induced vespa these days (and yes the carb body is warped so will need replacing)

Last but not least is ‘old blue’ the P200e. My very first scoot. (Previous owner Neil Glenister one of the UK lads who was attending rallies back in the 80’s).

I’ll try and get some pics up shortly, maybe that’ll help folks vote on what I will do next. Opinions and comments are welcomed.

Happy scooting/building all.

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