Reduce engine vibrations on your Lambretta

by admin on April 27, 2011

If  you have not done so already a good way to reduce the engine vibrations, what I call angry engine on your lambretta it to replace your old smaller engine mounts with the larger GP silent blocks.  In the pics below, you see that I used an engine mount removal tool (from Beedspeed) that I used on my 150 case.

General steps while removing with the tool:

1. Assemble the cylinder as the first pic.  Have the engine out of your frame, remove rear cable selectors, rear break, rear shock, engine bolt.

2. The removal tool bolt goes in through the top of the cylinder, through the old mount, then through the press washer, and finally the nut. Note, the cut out end of the cylinder will fit snug over the case mount from the outside.

3. Ratchet the nut form the inside and presto, the old mount will fall into the cylinder when it is completely out. 

Tips while pressing:

1. The Beedspeed press washer is recessed for the outside of the mount.  It will fit quite obviously.  Just tap the new engine mount with a rubber mallet to hold in place carefully.  Should just be a couple of taps, before you can ratchet down.

2. The inside press washer is larger than the engine mount hole.  So now you just have to rachet down, you will see the new engine mount move towards the case until flush.

Results:  Found a significant engine vibration reduction, definetly a more comfortable ride.


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