2012 Scooter Season begins..

by admin on June 2, 2012

Hi All,

Ok we are off to a bumpy start to 2012 in term of scootering. I have only been out a few times, but what a difference the winter makes on the series 3 lambretta.

The repairs/maintenance to date in 2012:
1) Throttle cable snapped
2) Silent block replacement (Indian to Italian ones)
3) Drive side and stater side oil seals
4) Drive side and stater side bearings
5) 2 small exhaust holes welded up
6) Exhaust decoking (With Tom’s flame thrower, lots of fun….)
7) 2 stater plate threads stripped (yes there are only 3)
8) Horn replacement (upgrade)
9) Fork link bolt
10) Oil change #1
11) Replace fibreglass packing in the exhaust silencer.
12) Speedo bulb
13) Headlight bulb

Will keep you posted on the list and if I make it to PVSC 2012.


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