Found this at work

by admin on July 11, 2010

A gift from nancy a couple of years when she was in Europe.


PVSC 2010 Arrived – Band Camp

by admin on June 30, 2010

Arrived at the PVSC Band Camp 2010. There was an 80’s theme this year.

Had a great time.

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PVSC Road Trip – Day 2

by admin on June 27, 2010

Here is a video of our journey from the motel to band camp.
Beef jerky by the sheet! and beer at 1/2 the price in Ontario. Who could as for anything more….

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PVSC 2010 Road Trip – Day 1

by admin on June 18, 2010

Heading down from Toronto.  Here is a video of our Day one journey across the U.S. / Canadian border, through Buffalo, Pittsburg, and into Ohio.  We stopped at a motel before night fall. Try watching in HD for better quality.

Thanks to Rob and Rachel for organizing the ride down. Tam and David for the backup trailer. Andy who could make it for the weekend before flying out.

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PVSC Band Camp 2010, really?

by admin on June 15, 2010

Ok we are going be heading down on a small scooter convoy to PVSC in New Somerset headed up by Rob and Rach,  eight of us gearing up for a weekend.  Plus, anyone else we find along the way.  The way happens to be 550 kms approx., and that is one way!

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PVSC or not to PVSC… June 18-20th, 2010

by admin on June 3, 2010

That is the question isn’t it?  I heard that this is a great Rally to head to for Canadian scooter enthusiasts that are close to the border U.S. border.  A couple of club members are heading down to check it out for the first time.

PVSC BAND CAMP 11 – June 18-20th, 2010 More info.

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Pics – Heading to Niagara 2010

by admin on May 31, 2010


Came by to grab Chris.

About to head out.

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Niagara Scooter Rally 2010 really?

by admin on May 21, 2010

ok the plan is to head out first thing tomorrow.  As of midnight tonight we have 3 scooters ready to go.  Last minute packing, isn’t it always the case. And maybe one last beer.

Objective get from Point A to point B.

See ya if we see ya.

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Getting ready for Niagara Scooter Rally 2010

by admin on May 9, 2010

Ok spent a bit of time back in the garage to get ready for the scooter rally 2010 season.  We will be heading to the Niagara Scooter Rally 2010 this May long weekend, the first rally of the year.  Working on the scoots, the timing seemed a bit off from the end of last season.  So what else better to do than upgrade with a lighted flywheel by AF Rayspeed, there is something to be said about a flywheel that weighs about 1/2 the weight.

Another EGT is on order for the Series II.  With the success from end of last season testing this is a no brainer upgrade if you want to get to a rally on two wheels instead of six (car + trailer)


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Rally Info – Niagara Scooter Rally 2010

by admin on May 1, 2010

Thought I would repost some Niagara Rally info here.

Niagara Scooter Rally 2010

Date:May. 21st-23rd,2010
Location:Welland Motorcycle club
Welland Ontario
603 Netherby Road welland ontario canada

Full Rally info here: